Monday Muse: Baby Steps for Success

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Monday Muse. Sorry I dropped the ball on Saturday. I was celebrating an anniversary with my boyfriend most of the weekend, and it was quite a good time. Food, massages, movies, more delicious food… And four years of happy, stable love. Yay!

So anyway, I’m supposed to muse today, but I just spent most of the day driving to and from an audition that I felt was completely unnecessary so I’ll just vent about that for a little while. There will be a point, I promise. Lemme ‘splain. I auditioned for this theatre and this particular show in their season three. Separate. Times. Three! They’ve switched directors and choreographers and apparently have lost every copy of my headshot because there I was today, trying (once again!) to do a good job of representing myself to convince a bunch of people to give me a damn job. In a show that I’ve already done. It’s right there on my résumé. GAH

Ok, so what’s the point? Is there a point? Yes, yes there is. The point is this. And it can be applied to many, many aspects of life… Even if you have to do something over and over again, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. Think of every edit or  follow-up interview or whatever as a “do over” that gives you a chance to improve upon what you’ve already put forward. It’s just another step toward success. 

Happy Monday!


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