Shakespeare Saturday: Why Write Mercutio?


WordPress decided to delete my entire post… for some reason…

Why did we write Mercutio? Why did we decide to re-write Shakespeare at all? What made us choose one day to take Romeo and Juliet and take out all the romance, add in some thriller aspects, and save some people while killing others.

In particular, we loved Mercutio. Next to him, all the other characters were really bland. He brings humor, excitement, prescience, and tragedy all on his own. Really, the play should’ve been titled Mercutio and been all about him. (Having Shakespeare in Love flashbacks here.) A whole story all on his own!

OK, well… we didn’t make it all about Mercutio — we kept all the other characters except Lord and Lady Montague (who only get mentions) — but the story is his. He is the central figure. The reason the plot exists. The raison d’etre!

That and… we took out the romance. We hated the romance. If it can be said to be romance at all, and not a couple of teens being morons. Once Mercutio and Tybalt die, the play goes downhill fast. And not in the sense of being happy, either. In fact, if we hadn’t written a novel based on Romeo and Juliet, we’d probably put it on the “standby” list next year in Stratford, ready to be crossed off in favor of something far more interesting. It’s one of my least favorite Shakes plays, which is, of course, I wanted to write this. I can’t speak for A, but I’m reasonably sure she feels the same.

Romeo and Juliet aren’t even remotely in love in this version. In fact, they can barely stand one another most of the time. Seriously.


I swear.

It’s cool!

What made me think of this? This really cool article about OTHER people who re-wrote Shakespeare! Maybe you’ll like one of them. Maybe it’ll whet your appetite for a really awesome re-telling of Romeo and Juliet starring Mercutio!

It really is awesome.


I swear!

See you later today! (Sorry we were late and I had to re-write this!)



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