Boozy Books: Coraline

Greetings! Welcome to today’s Boozy Books!

Now, it’s October. And you know what that means, right? Yup. It’s the perfect time to do some of our favorite horror books! Last year, we covered some of our favorite classics (you know, stuff like Dracula and The Picture of Dorian Grey); this year, I want to go a little more modern.

You all know how I feel about Neil Gaiman. American Gods is the novel that inspired me to become a professional author. I love just about everything that man has ever written. And Coraline is no exception. It’s creepy — hell, it’s downright scary — and plays on fears that every person can understand. In it, Coraline is smart, bored, and tired of her life of domesticity. No one knows her name, her neighbors are weird, and her parents don’t seem to understand. So, Alice-likeshe ventures into another world, where the Other Mother gives her all the love and attention Coraline believes she wants. Unfortunately, the Other Mother wants her soul in return, complete with buttons sewn over the eyes. With only the help of an asshole cat, the protection of a stone, and her own wits, Coraline must defeat the Other Mother or risk losing herself forever.

Do not just watch the movie for this. While beautiful, as is everything Laika does, it does not capture the true darkness of the novel. Though ostensibly for children, Coraline does not shy away from the truly frightening, and the movie is far too whimsical to capture that in its entirety.

Now, it could be that today’s drink seems a bit… odd. But I’m obsessed with all things blood orange, so I’m going with a blood orange martini. It works, I think, because, like Coraline, it seems innocuous — just an orange, right? — but it’s actually more than meets the eye. In this case, it’s the blood red color of the fruit, which is actually sweeter — more raspberry-like — than regular oranges. I love them. I love everything about them. So… it’s happening. Combine equal parts vodka and blood orange juice and then a 1/8th part of triple sec (so, 4 oz vodka/blood orange would mean 1/2 oz of triple sec) and shake on up in a martini shaker. If you can’t find blood orange juice, blood orange soda (Aranciata Rossa Pellegrino or even Trader Joe’s Blood Orange soda) works just fine. Rim your class with sugar, not salt. And enjoy!

OK! That’s it for me today! A is back tomorrow with the Shakesdown!



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