Silly Sunday: Breastplate

Talk about a silly Sunday… I ran into C today. What are the odds?! Keep in mind that we currently live on opposite sides of the state, approximately 250 miles and 4 hours away from one another. So running into each other, right now, is less like running into your English teacher at Target and more like running into, say, Gwyneth Paltrow at a Burger King (not completely impossible, but highly improbable). Not to mention that even when we are on the same side of the state I still live about 40 minutes south. Bumping into C didn’t just happen. Except for today… Should I have played the lottery or something?

Anyway, welcome to Nerd Cactus, home of the thoughts and ramblings of A (that’s me) and C. Today is Silly Sunday, and while I’m quite certain that tonight’s debate will supply us with plenty of “silliness” – and just a dash of nausea – I’m going to share a dose of silliness that is completely unrelated to tonight’s “fun”. I present you with Epic NPC Man! This YouTube series of shorts will resonate with casual and hardcore gamers of all walks of life. It’s quite funny and this one in particular makes me giggle because it’s just so true.

Enjoy! C will be back tomorrow with the Monday Muse.



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