Monday Muse: I Hate Editing (Again)

Hello everyone! Welcome to the muse. It’s not so much of a muse as a rant today, and I apologize for that, but dammit I hate editing. Actually, no, not all editing. I mean, yes, but what I really hate is revisiting edits that I’ve already revisited (at least twice) and thought I had overcome (at least twice).

I’m working on one specific edit right now that is driving me completely mental. I’m doing the kind of editing you do when you are forced to make concessions that meet the needs of your readers. I get it, I do. The whole point of having a select group read the work was to find problems and fix them for better readability, but now my imagery is ruined (or worse, forced), my character is taking a nose dive into uncharacteristic territory, and the whole structure of the chapter is unstable. 

I think another of my issues here is revisiting a chapter that I wrote so long ago. You know when you’re so far removed from something you’ve written and then revisit it and think to yourself “wow this is pretty decent, I must have been on a creative high the day I wrote this”? Yes? We’ve all had that moment right? I’m not just self absorbed and vain, am I? Anyway, having to rearrange, fix, even rip apart that lovely sample of pride-inducing writing (however momentary said pride may be) is rather painful. Especially when the newest version looks, feels, and reads wrong. 

Of course, now I’m in full panic attack mode of: “oh god, the creative high I had when I originally wrote this is gone forever and I’m a worthless, garbage writer who will be relegated to the content mills of the internet where I’ll write pithy sales pitches until I die”. Yeah… I’m losing it.

But. It’s just a chapter. Just one lousy chapter. Even if I take the next week to piece it together it’ll find its way because the rest of the book is already written. It has to. Isn’t there a rule or something about that? There must be. Positive thoughts. Just keep writing. And if it sucks write it again. Just write it again and again.


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