Shakespeare Saturday: Choose Your Own Bard

Hello, and welcome to today’s Shakespeare Saturday! Today, I continue working on my ability to keep things short and sweet by presenting you some of the most fun Shakespeare greatness I’ve had occasion to experience in a while.

You remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from when you were a kid? You get to pick your character and determine everything your character does, whether for good or ill? And, of course, whenever you realized you’d made a bad decision, you went back and pretended, “Nope. I really meant to do this other thing! The one that wins me the ending I want!” Because, uh, there’s no way you’re dying in some random cave! No way, Jose.

Well… now you can Choose Your Own Adventure: Shakespeare Style! That’s right. You can take on the Bard’s immortal characters and do, well… whatever you want with them. You know, so long as it’s one of the choices. Otherwise, you’re just doing what A and I did and writing your own novel. Which is cool, too. We totally support that!

Anywho… there’s two different choices: Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. And both of them are FABULOUS! (I am particularly fond of becoming Ophelia: Denmark’s Greatest Ruler!)

Romeo and/or Juliet and To Be Or Not to Be (Either one can be the answer.)

You should do it! I totally plan on doing it.



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