Monday Muse: Query Schmery

Please, don’t let today’s title fool you… I’m simply trying to follow Dumbledore’s advice and find the happiness (even in these, the darkest, of times) by turning on a light. That light is optimism. YAY!

Now listen, this query writing business isn’t hard so much as it is stressful. Ok, maybe it’s also a little hard. But have you tried to boil your work down into a concise yet exciting pair of sentences? Every word choice has to have the power to grip an agent by the throat and show no quarter. And THEN you have to reel ’em in with a concise and exciting synopsis of your work without giving too much away AND you’ve just gotta sell yourself. That’s the whole point. SELL SELL SELL. Which, frankly, is rather against my nature.

I have done the research, I understand the concept, and I’ve read dozens of queries that have and haven’t achieved success. I’ve even written a rather snazzy hook that I’m pretty proud of. The whole thing still needs a touch of organization and finesse, but it’s on its way. It’s just… So hard, dammit.

But I can do it! And so can you if your project has reached that stage. All you have to do is remember to turn on the light.



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