Silly Sunday: Not-So-Silly Dreams

Heyo! Welcome to this week’s Silly Sunday. It’s going to be brief because I’m already picking which shows I want to see next year in Stratford. Oh, yeah… we’ve already booked our week up up there and now we’re just left to be SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THE AMAZING FUN!

Like… guys… they’re doing Romeo and Juliet next year. Next year… when our novel could very well be published. That novel that’s a thriller version of, you know, Romeo and Juliet?! OMG. It could be kismet. We already have dreams of doing book signings with the… no extra time we have. Shut up. We’ll do it for a couple of hours the afternoon we’ve set aside for our Anna Mae’s trip… and then the morning before we leave for the airport?

Shut up. We’ve got lofty goals. Doing a book signing of Killing Mercutio at our favorite Shakespeare festival the year they’re doing the very play that inspired our beloved novel… yeah, that’s one of them. It’d mean a lot to us.

But none of this is silly. I mean… maybe it’s a little silly to be planning book signings and stuff, but I don’t think so. I think that’s what anybody with a dream does. So, in order to make up for that, here’s Ron Swanson’s (well, Nick Offerman’s) impression of Hamlet. (Warning: spoilers.)


OK. So… from a girl who’s excited for more theater (50 weeks to go!) and for the chance that a bunch of people she admires might read and enjoy her book… have a great rest of Sunday. A will be back tomorrow with the Muse!



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