Shakespeare Saturday: The Bard & A Banana

Hey! Welcome to today’s slightly late and horribly brief Shakespeare Saturday! It’s C again, here to lighten things up after yesterday’s dip into Russian literature. Because, really, the Russians seem incapable of writing a happy novel. Oh, sure, sometimes there are happy endings, but are the novels themselves happy? No. Not usually.

But, I suppose dealing with those winters means writing slightly bleak novels. We are, after all, a product of our environment.

Anyway… I wanted to share something with you today. Apparently, Monkeys Are Writing Shakespeare! Yes, that’s right, the old adage has finally come true! Except, well… it’s not really about the study of randomness so much as our ability to communicate, and the ability of technology to be a facilitator of said communication. Yeah, even the historian sometimes wigs out over science.

OK… that’s it. Yes, I know! I KNOW. C wrote a short post! Break out the jams, it’s time to party!

I’ll be with you tomorrow for the silly.



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