Silly Sunday: Silly Macbeth, Crowns Are For Non-tyrannical Rulers

Or… you know… whatever.

I know for a fact A forgot to do this because she’s currently on my couch preparing to sleep and I literally just remembered that we were supposed to silly today. We got chicken and waffles for dinner, and I think that put us into some sort of stupid. Plus, both of us are tired from doing last minute preparation. I mean… it’s not like we’re going on a plane ride tomorrow.

Oh wait. Yes it is.

TOMORROW (well… today, in 30 mins), WE’RE GOING TO STRATFORD!!!

Now… before I silly, let me give y’all a head’s up on the schedule this week. We will not be following the usual routine of Muse, Booze, etc. Instead, we will see the plays and then talk about the production the following day (or, in the case of Wednesday, that afternoon as we only have a matinee on Wed). Our first show is Tuesday night (The Aeneid), with A Chorus Line following the next afternoon. Thus, you can expect any review we might write on those Wednesday. As for the Shakespeare, Macbeth is up first on Thursday, As You Like It is Friday, and both of the history plays are on Saturday (so you might not get a review of them until Monday depending on how we’re feeling and if there’s time to kill at an airport). Last year, we took the week after Stratford to talk about each of our experiences, then got back to normal (albeit reluctantly). We think that works, so we’re going to stick with it.

Now… on to the silly!

There’s a lot of silly related to this very, very unsilly play, so I picked out a few that made me chuckle:

(We’ve posted this one before, but it’s still funny.)

Image result for silly macbeth

(The ever-funny Good Tickle Brain brings you this, very silly version of the Witches’ famous ‘double double’ scene.)

Image result for silly macbeth

(The wonders of Tumblr.)

Image result for silly macbeth

Aaaand a really fricken funny argument over semantics! Which you should totally read because it’s funny as hell.

Alright. That’s it. I’m out. I’m sleepy, and I am out. See you live from Stratford!



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