Silly Sunday: But I Don’t Wanna History!

Heyo! And welcome to the silliest day of the week here at Nerd Cactus!

This has been a damned boring week, hasn’t it? Yeah, I admit that this week’s plays aren’t Shakespeare’s most exciting fare. Like King John, they’re the purview of the Shakespeare trivia champs of the world. (As is knowing where that quote is from.)

But what if you AREN’T a Shakespeare-obsessed historian with a penchant for 15th century England? What if you want to be able to talk Shakespeare’s histories without really reading Shakespeare’s histories? Maybe win some trivia and be a hero to all your friends and talk about how you won trivia for them that one time and OMG, you’re AMAZING!

Well, I have got that covered. For Richard II. Because learning about Henry IV (both parts) means getting to watch Tom Hiddleston, so you really don’t need my help there.

Anywho… here you go. Richard II with stick figures!

Now you can skip reading AND watching. But, really… you should read it. And see it. Because it’s Shakespeare, and Shakespeare is always worth it.

(Yes. Even Titus Andronicus.)

A’s up tomorrow with either As You Like It or Macbeth. Whichever she chooses.



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