Silly Sunday: Balloons!!!

Happy Sunday, reader! As we come to the end of another weekend and another month, let’s take a moment to put aside our differences and enjoy something silly. We try our best to avoid politics here at Nerd Cactus HQ, but today’s silliness features a former president and his long-surpressed love of balloons.

The final night of the DNC was historic for several reasons: a woman was nominated to represent a major political party in the race for president AND the nation discovered that Bill Clinton loves balloons. Regardless of your political affiliation, the following links should give you a smile and a chuckle. Because, I mean, the happiness and strangely childlike wonder in Bill’s face is amazing. And who doesn’t love balloons?

Here, we enjoy Bill’s delight in pictures.

Next, we see that Hillary also enjoys balloons.

And, for those who were concerned that Bill denied a little girl a balloon…

Hope you enjoyed the sillies! Back tomorrow with the start of Shakespeare month and our countdown to Stratford!!!!


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