Shakespeare Saturday: Let’s Get Ready to Stratford!

Heyo! Welcome to Shakespeare Saturday. ‘Tis I, C, the Great Floridian, ready to deliver you some Bard!

I don’t know how many of you have been with us from the beginning, or who were at least here last August, when we first traveled to Stratford, Ontario for their annual Shakespeare Festival. But we did a pretty cool thing and dedicated the entire month of August to our trip, with the weeks leading up to the actual trip focusing on one of the plays we would be seeing while we were there. So, week one was Hamletweek two was Love’s Labour’s Lostand week three was Taming of the Shrewbecause those were the plays we saw.

Well, I am pleased to announce that, beginning with Monday’s Muse, we are launching the Second Annual Festival of Shakes, aka Shakespeare-a-looza! Now, what does that mean for y’all? It means…

The Monday Muse will focus on some aspect of Shakespeare that means something to us, particularly dealing with whatever play is our focus for that week.

Boozy Books will pair the week’s play. (Pretty obvious, hunh?)

Shakespeare Saturday will recommend versions of the play that are easily accessible, whether from the interwebz or in DVD/Blu-Ray form. (Spoiler Alert: There will probably be a lot of Kenneth Branagh. I feel like he’s filmed just about every play at this point.)

Aaaaand Silly Sunday will be a serious look at geo-political influences on theater and… no, I’m just shitting you. I’ll be something stupid, like a funny picture or a spoof version of that week’s play (or just Shakespeare in general.)

The final week of August (beginning the 29th), we will review the performances we see while we are up in beautiful Stratford and exhort all of you to support EVERYTHING about this damn festival. So, obviously, it won’t be the regularly-scheduled posts; it’ll be us going out of our damn minds with love and appreciation for live theater.

So… here are the plays we’ll be focusing on:

Macbeth (I’m not in a theater, so I can say it)

As You Like It 

Richard II/Henry IV pt 1

Henry IV pt 2/Henry V 

Why the last two are a combo is because we’re actually seeing a sort-of combination version of those four plays called Breath of Kings: Rebellion and Breath of Kings: Redemption. Not that it was a long-lasting redemption, mind, since Shakespeare’s next four plays are his Wars of the Roses cycle… But I’ll talk about that later. Oh, yeah, guys… you get to listen to me talk about history.


OK. Announcement done. We’ll do something silly tomorrow and then… SHAKESPEARE-A-PALOOZA 2016!




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