Shakespeare Saturday: Fangirl-ing over “Will”

Happy Saturday, everyone! Welcome to this week’s installment of Shakespeare Saturday, brought to you by the creative minds and entertainment geniuses at TNT. That’s right, turns out the good people at TNT love Shakespeare as much as we do and they’re bringing us a 10 episode order of “Will”. 

“Will” follows William Shakespeare in his early twenties as he breaks into the theatre scene in 16th century London. The show, written by Baz Luhrman’s longtime writing partner, promises to mix the historical with the contemporary, utilizing a modern soundtrack as it portrays Will as a 16th century rock star. But be warned, my historical stickler friends, this looks to take some liberties with Shakespeare’s life and relationships. Of course, we don’t have a lot of definitive proof of his life and relationships soooo I’m just gonna enjoy it, because it looks awesome!

Check out the trailer below!!!

‘Will’ Drama About Young William Shakespeare Picked Up To Series By TNT – Watch Trailer
Back tomorrow with something silly!



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