Shakespeare Saturday: Some Silly and Some Seriously Awesome!

Hi! It’s me, C! Rhymin’ it up in this joint! Woo?

I’m OK, I swear. Just a little hyped up on this new story idea I’m developing. I’ve got NaNo basically squared away until October (prep time), so I’m using this time to figure out the project after that, as well as doing some world-building for a project I’ll not be getting to for a while yet. And… I’ve got that 10-year project I really should actually finish plotting. Problem is, I’ve been letting it percolate as the OLD version, so now I need to start that process all over again with the NEW version. I’ll get to it in another ten years, I guess.

Anyway, being hyped up on writing, I am rambly. But that’s pretty much par for the course with me, isn’t it?

Before I get too much farther into the wormhole of my own insanity, let’s get to the Shakespeare for today. First, the silly!

So… in case anyone is trying for leadership positions, I think you should take this advice very seriously.

And now for the seriously awesome! You know how we here at Nerd Cactus have always been pretty firm on the idea that Shakespeare wrote his own plays? If not, just search “Shakespeare wrote his own plays” and you’ll see that we’ve definitely been pretty firm about it. A and I are the kind of people who ally themselves with scholars, not crackpot conspiracy theorists. And now we’ve got even more proof that they’re one and the same person!

Look At Shakespeare’s Coat of Arms!

God bless this woman for sifting through the hell that is heraldic rolls. You are a true hero, ma’am!

Well, that’s it for us today! We’ll be back tomorrow with the Silly!



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