Boozy Books: The Dolphin People

Happy Friday, friends! It’s time once again for Boozy Books. This week I’m writing up a book which I didn’t actually enjoy very much as I was reading, but have come to appreciate after the fact. Ladies and gents, I give you… The Dolphin People. It’s one of those books that deserves a revisit simply because the first time through is full of so many uncomfortable situations that you just sort of cringe. Everything that author Torsten Krol has written is with such deliberation and direction, however, that looking back I must say it’s a brilliantly woven story. 

Taking place in a recently post-WWII world, the story follows a German family moving to South America (for reasons that, you know, are fairly easy to discern). Helga has agreed to marry her brother-in-law, Klaus, and finds herself and her sons, Erich and Zeppi, on the way to Venezuela. En route their plane crashes and they land among a secluded tribe called the Yayomi. The Yayomi, having never seen light-skinned, light-haired people, believe the family are dolphins in disguise. But just because they are viewed as some kind of gods does not mean their time in the jungle is charmed. As they try to find a place in the tribe, cope with secrets that come to light, and face their own demons, the family is torn apart, pulled in different directions. Without giving too much away, let me just say that you should be prepared to gasp in horror at some of the imagery and cringe at the vivid detail therein.

Pair this with the Avion Paradiso (link below). I picked this drink only because the ingredients seem like they might be readily available in the jungle… maybe with the exception of cucumbers and assuming the natives make their own tequila… anyway, it sounds like a marvelous drink and I intend to make it myself. So there.

This has been Boozy Books. See you tomorrow!



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