Silly Sunday: And We’re Off!

Hello! Welcome! Greetings! Aloha! Ciao!

Sorry for missing yesterday. And for being a bit late today. We’re a bit verklempt over here at Nerd Cactus because…



Yes… that’s right…

Killing Mercutio is officially with the Beta Readers!

We’re officially done with phase two — tearing our novel apart and putting it back together again a la Humpty Dumpty — and into phase three: people are reading our novel! People who aren’t in charge of editing or critiquing and are just reading it to see if they like it. As if this is a final product. I mean, I know it isn’t — I know there’s more work to do yet — but this marks a really amazing step.

I am also (please excuse the language but it’s appropriate here) fucking terrified. I’ve spent the last two days doing everything in my power to not think about the fact that HOLY SHIT PEOPLE ARE READING MY NOVEL. WHAT IF THEY DON’T LIKE IT?! DID I DO ENOUGH EDITING? ARE MY BABIES LOVABLE? ARE THEY ABOUT TO GET HURT?! (Yes… I’m screaming this in my head. I’m a terribly anxious person.)

But… yeah. Wish us luck in our coming venture. This is probably the hardest thing a writer has to do. And it could lead to a great deal of hurt.



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