Monday Muse: Four Betas to Rule Them All

Happy Monday, folks! It is I, A, forgetter of days and watcher of GoT. That’s right, in my attempt to catch up on Game of Thrones I didn’t write a Shakespeare Saturday. And still… I’m not caught up. SAY NOTHING INTERNET. Now, If I had written a Shakespeare Saturday I can guarantee that it would’ve been about the fact that Stratford is coming up fast and I’m mega excited and super ready to see Macbeth. Reviews have been streaming their way into my newsfeed and I think I can speak for both myself and C when I say that we’re ready to write our own reviews.

Anyway, our frequent readers will have surmised from the not-really-silly Silly Sunday post that both of your Nerd Cactus writers have important stuff on our minds. Killing Mercutio is now in the hands of four beta readers. True, these people are our friends, but they were also chosen because they are regular readers who won’t hold back if they see a glaring problem or a boring plot point. Seriously, the two betas I chose are opinionated and I love it. I know they’ll be honest and helpful if and when they find problems, but really I just want them to like it. If we can please our betas we get to move forward. If we don’t please our betas… well, I don’t really know what that entails, but it won’t be good.

So now we wait. We allotted our betas a month to read Killing Mercutio so there’s nothing more to say about it except that I hope it’s as good as we think it is. In the meantime I have to watch two more episodes of Game of Thrones. Granted, that’s not enough material to keep me distracted for the month, but for those two hours I won’t be restraining myself from messaging the betas for updates…

See you on Friday!



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