Silly Sunday: My Silly Brain

OK. I’m going to tell you a story. It is a TRULY silly one, too, so perfect for today.

In the span of approximately three minutes, I created a hit television show and got it canceled. Yeah, that’s right, tonight is a strange journey into the mind of C. A mind that’s pretty much an orchestra where every single person is playing a different measure of the same symphony.

See, there’s a band called Banks and Steelz, made up of Interpol’s Paul Banks and Wu -Tang’s RZA, who’re dropping their album this year. (From what I’ve heard, it’s going to be pretty damn amazing.)

Well, my brain being what it is, I decided that Banks and Steel (minus the Z) sounded like a cop duo where one is the straight-laced, by-the-books cop and the other is, of course, the rule-bending, results-oriented, from-the-streets maverick. We’ll have a Banks, a fresh-off-the-farm transfer from the Midwest into *insert tough city’s* vice division, and Steel, the local bad boy made good (but who still holds on to his roots, yo).

Hit TV show, right? Maybe not an award winner, but definitely a solid hit that’ll get a few seasons out of it because it’s so damned generic.

But then my brain was like, “But that’s boring. Of course Steel is the tough minority and Banks is the paler’n milk honky from Tiny Town, U.S.A.! We need NEW television! Exciting television.”

So… what if Steel is actually a minority from privilege, forced to contend with the prejudices of his own community, and Banks is the kid forced to make good after dealing with the system? What if we play with perception and deal with more insidious brands of prejudice, othering, and sense of self?

Aaaand I’ve just gotten my hit TV show canceled. Look at that. Three minutes from hit to trash heap, just like that.

It’s probably funnier/sillier when added to my mile-a-minute ramble.

Anyway… a brief insight into how my brain works. (And a sad look into the state of American television.) We’ll be back tomorrow with a Muse.


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