Silly Sunday: Americans Are Basically Pirates

Or, at least, we talk like them.

Well, more than the English typically do, anyway.

Heya! It’s C. I’m taking over for A again because, as all great artists do, she is finding it hard to divest herself of a role she loved so much. And what kind of Cactus Partner would I be if I couldn’t find the time to write a blog for a friend?

Anyway… Accents. A lot of people assume that the American accent is a derivation of the English accent. (If, of course, either nation can be said to have “an” accent. But let’s just assume that, for the rest of the blog, I’m talking about the Newscaster American and the “I went to a fancy school” English accent. Or, you know, the way the Queen speaks. Either way.) I mean, we’re the ones who went and threw the tea into the harbor and rid ourselves of the shackles of tyranny (or, depending on your perspective, acted like a thirteen-year-old girl telling her parents she’s a grown-up now and doesn’t need them anymore). But, as this article discusses, that is not true.

It was the English who decided they wanted to be different. Well, the rich English, at any rate, proving that the rich hate the letter R.

Anyway… check out the article!

As the Title Says: Americans Are Pirates

OK! I’m out! I’ll be back tomorrow so we can get Nerd Cactus back on schedule!



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