Shakespeare Saturday: The Bard Behind Bars

Hey, guys! It’s me, C, again, coming at you with today’s Shakespeare Saturday! Let’s be brief today. (I’m getting better at that, aren’t I?)

If there’s an adage we here at Nerd Cactus have when it comes to William Shakespeare, it’s this:

Shakespeare is for everyone.

He’s for naked women in Central Park, inner city kids, professional actors, aesthetes, lovers of fart jokes everywhere… and inmates. In fact, Shakespeare in prison is pretty common. As the article mentions, there’s something really special about the idea of violent offenders delivering the Bard’s immortal lines. You really should read it. I mean, it’s exactly the sort of thing Shakespeare himself would love.

Alright. I’m out for the day. A should be back tomorrow with something Silly. Either that or you’ll have me again!



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