Shakespeare Saturday: Shakes in the Buff!

Heyo, and welcome to today’s Shakespeare Saturday! I realize I’m right on the cusp here, but I am absolutely determined to get this post in today!

The reason I’m late today is actually two-fold:

  1. I finally got tired of not being able to write at home, so I went to IKEA and bought a damn desk.
  2. As soon as it was assembled (am I Captain America now?!), I WROTE SO MUCH! YAY! I think this new novel of mine is finally well underway.

Anyway. Today’s a bit of a weird one. You know the Nerd Cactus adage that Shakespeare is for everyone? Well, apparently he’s for those who like to be nude, too. Yup. I give you:

The All-Woman, Nude Production of The Tempest

Do enjoy. It’s probably NSFW since there’s boobies and fannies (both meanings) running around in Central Park, but, hey, the Bard really is for everyone!

Well… I’m going back to writing. OMG, THE WRITING! YAY!

We’ll be back tomorrow with the Silly!


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