Silly Sunday: Lady Susan

Heyo! Welcome to Cactuslandia, readers!

Today, A and I are seeing Captain America: Civil War. In fact, we’ll probably be there as you’re reading this.

But, wait! C, I know you already saw it. You’re Team Cap. (TEAM CAP! = “Steve Holt!”) Well, yes. I have and I am. But A never got a chance to see it because she had all those rehearsals and callbacks and whatnot to go to while I’m little more than a bum who hides in her apartment most of the time, so she hasn’t seen it yet. And since no one else is available to see it with her, I swooped in like the Bestie I am to save the day.

Also, who wouldn’t see this movie again? Cap’s biceps while he’s holding on to that helicopter are borderline pornographic.

And, uh… I agree with his stance on the Accords. No, really, I do. Anything Thunderbolt Ross tells anyone to sign should be regarded with a great deal of skepticism.

Also also…

*SPOILER ALERT* (But really tiny, so… it’s not really…)

Who the hell thought General Ross would be a good Secretary of State?! The last time we saw that guy, he’d created Abomination in an attempt to subdue the Hulk and gotten Harlem destroyed! Ugh. Did President Trump actually happen in this world?! *vomit*

Anyway. Something silly for today! No, that wasn’t it. Sorry. This is it:

A reminder that Jane Austen is fricken hilarious!

It’s not that silly, I guess; it’s a review of the upcoming adaptation of Austen’s Lady Susan, but the fact that the movie evidently serves to remind the world how hilarious Jane Austen really is is super important to me. Too many people focus on the romance, but what Austen special were her wit and satire, so I enjoy anything that might serve as proof of that fact. I know I’ll be watching Love & Friendship when it’s available to me.

Tomorrow, A muses!



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