Shakespeare Saturday: A King delivers the Bard

Welcome, ladies and gents, to today’s Shakespeare Saturday!

I will be brief.

*sounds of celebration in the background*

I heard that. Anyway, I’m going to see Captain America: Civil War in a bit (we’re both Team Cap here at Cactus HQ), so I wanted to make this short, but sweet.

The first thing I ever loved — truly loved — by William Shakespeare was the play Julius Caesar. I’ve always loved Greco-Roman myth, which extended into Roman history, particularly the late Republic and Empire. That love is still strong today, for both the play and the history (in fact, my big solo project is based on the Roman Empire during the height of its power, minus Britain and Germania b/c I said so). And obviously, the real star of the play is Mark Antony (I hate typing it with a K… it’s short for Marcus, people! It should be a C!) and his “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” speech.

So, here today (well, obviously not today) to deliver that speech is a man who has played the King of fricken England (although he did chop my favorite wife’s head off…), Damian Lewis!


Do please enjoy! I’m off to watch the Avengers realize they’re fighting over something stupid and being manipulated by the bad guys. Also, why does anyone in this movie trust anything Thunderbolt Ross is part of? I’m beginning to think the real reason the Hulk isn’t in this movie is because he’d totally be Team Cap and break Tony’s little Science Bros heart.

Also, also… really, Tony? You want governments of ANY SORT to have control over that much power? Who was it fired that nuke you had to take into space again? Oh, right…

Team Cap!


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