Silly Sunday: Griffinclaw!

Welcome to today’s Silly Sunday! Let’s get down to business!

Where ‘dem Huns at?

Moving on. I’ve been seriously hankering for a visit up to Harry Potter land in Orlando lately. Visit Gringotts, see the dragon breath fire in Diagon Alley, get four different kinds of Butterbeer (hot, cold, frozen, ice-cream), and take enough dramanine to sink a battleship because, for Pete’s sake, that Hogwarts ride leaves me feeling like I’m about to hurl my stomach up through my thoat…


But considering Orlando is going to be… unbearable for the next few months, I’m not going to do it. All good Floridians know not to go to Orlando during late spring, all of summer, and most of early fall. Gotta wait for the humidity to go down a bit and Satan to visit his winter home (which is, I’m assuming, somewhere in the southern hemisphere! *rimshot*).

So… for now. I went in search of fun Harry Potter things. And I found a couple of REALLY fun things. First up, a quiz for which hybrid house you’re in.

I thought I was a Slytherdor. I was wrong.

The second is old and I can’t believe I didn’t see it before, but it’s a cool Choose Your Own Adventure for the Battle of Hogwarts. I totally only died once. It’s cool.

Don’t Go For the Shiny Thing

Sometimes Buzzfeed is pretty cool. Anyway, I’m about to watch Game of Thrones now, so… time to sign off. A is back with the Muse tomorrow!


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