Shakespeare Saturday: The Evolution of Women in Shakespeare’s Works

Happy Saturday, everybody! It’s been a very, very long week, but I managed to figure out that it is Saturday. It is Saturday, right? Yeah, it is… Which means you’re getting an all new Shakespeare Saturday to brighten your weekend and (hopefully) teach you something new.

Today I’m featuring an interview I heard on NPR a while back which really sparked my interest. The interview is with Tina Packer, author of “Women of Will”. The book tracks the change in female roles from Shakespeare’s earliest works to the strong, fleshed-out women of his later plays. It is an interesting take on the evolution of Shakespeare’s own feminism and Packer does some great, in-depth character analyses in her exploration.

Go ahead and give the interview a listen. It’s not very long and covers a lot of ground, supplying a good overview of what Packer’s book has in store. And, of course, check out the book if you’re looking for a great read about the ladies of Shakespeare. It promises to explore the increasing sense of self and willpower in some of Shakespeare’s greatest heroines and delves into how Shakespeare’s life may have influenced these changes.



Also! A good friend of mine is involved with a Kickstarter project that involves arts education… Specifically teaching Shakespeare and using his stories/themes to connect with new projects. It’s a great cause so if any of our readers would like to contribute I know the company will put the money to great use.

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