Monday Muse: Writing Buddy Bonanza

Heyo everybody! Welcome to the Monday Muse this very early Tuesday morning… Yeah, I know. Late again. #Shocker. It’s been another hectic weekend of shows, auditions, and birthday outings, and today was so productive that I ended up relaxing a little too much when I got home. But a Muse you were promised, and a Muse you shall have!

C and I met today to begin work on our second big project (a play!) and it was a blast. Bouncing ideas off of one another, reading aloud in Starbucks, and generally laughing our asses off put me in such a good creative zone that I feel we’ll be knocking this one out with a handful of meetings. Not only that, we went on to discuss two other future projects. So we’re in good shape to keep ourselves busy. In the best way possible. Go Team Nerd Cactus!

Writing is so fun. Occasionally frustrating, yes, but also great fun. It gets especially fun when you work with a partner who gets you, tempers you, and is not afraid to correct you. And when you find someone with whom your talents mesh, you’re even more well off… Most important: if you have a shared passion and an idea you believe in, you’ll find it’s not that hard to put something on the page. That’s what it’s about, after all. Putting something on the page.

But how can you develop writing relationships such as this? How can you tell which of your writer-type friends will best complement your style? To be honest, I still wonder at my good fortune of being introduced to C… But what I can tell you is that it’s a pretty organic process. You can’t force these things, they just happen. You strike a friendship, discover mutual respect for each other’s ideas and work, spit-ball on a few topics you have common interest in and, BAM, suddenly you’re writing consistently, growing as a result of unhindered feedback, and filling notebooks with future projects. And that, children, is how Nerd Cactus came to be…

Now, I know C has several writing partners – and I imagine she has a thing or two to add – but I think it’s safe to say that she is friends with each person she deems to spend time writing with. That’s why they’re called writing BUDDIES. If you’re looking to join forces you can reach out to people you already know and trust, or set out to make entirely new connections. There’s no wrong way to go about assembling a writing team as long as you end up with someone who inspires you to keep creating.

Happy Monday (but actually Tuesday)!




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