Bonus Round Tuesday: This Be Madness

Captain’s Log, supplemental: Tuesday, Star Date 4.19.2016…
Welcome, readers and loyal minions! It’s A again! Bet you didn’t think you’d hear from me until Friday. Well, normally that would be the case if not for something REALLY REALLY AWESOME.



What you see before you is the official “This Be Madness” bracket. It’s like March Madness except it’ll be used to determine which is Shakespeare’s greatest play. (I’m putting my money on a showdown between Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, although I’d love to see Othello make a play for the sweep…)

Unfortunately, we missed the first day of voting, but it is ongoing until April 22. The big reveal will be on April 23rd (the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death) so make your votes count!

See you on Friday!


UPDATE: Here is the voting page for Round 2…


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