Silly Sunday: Did you know?

Heyo, everyone! Welcome to today’s Silly Sunday! It’s me, again… C. The weird one who rambles too much and doesn’t believe in self-editing. I’m here today for Silly Sunday!

I need to begin today with a story. I mean, you could skip straight to the video because it’s Monty Python and that needs no explanation, but why I chose it becomes clear if you read this part.

Yesterday, I went to IKEA. I enjoy IKEA. Not necessarily for the cheap furniture or the meatballs, either; I enjoy looking at their design choices in the showroom. The mix of color and texture. The accessorizing. I like to picture what kind of people would use each kind of room.

So… in the midst of this, at a room with a lot of books on the shelves and cozy chairs and blankets, with my writers’ sensibilities screaming that this was the sort of place I would like to be, I hear the following:

“That is too many books.”

In a perfectly serious voice!


Well… you’ll be glad to know that my ability to keep my mouth shut is better than my internet presence would make it seem. Or, rather, to say things quietly under my breath so the evil blasphemer in question couldn’t hear me. But, let me tell you, I was totally one of the villagers in this video… because that woman really was a witch!


Lesson: There’s no such thing as too many books and anyone who thinks so should not be trusted.

It’s A’s turn tomorrow to Muse! I promise she’ll be back.



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