Shakespeare Saturday: Shakespeare Shakedown!

Heyo! And welcome to Shakespeare Saturday!

Now, we’re getting closer and closer to the Bard’s 400th Death Day Anniversary (April 23rd), and the world of Shakespeare is heating up as Bardophiles from around the world take advantage of celebrating a round number of years since Willy shuffled off his mortal coil. If you’re in England , be sure to take advantage of the festivities! If anyone needs a companion for said festivities, I’d love to get away from the shit show of American politics right now and live in a theater.

Seriously. I’m already putting little Xs into my Thor calendar as I count down to the Second Annual Nerd Cactus Shakes-a-palooza (aka A and C go to Stratford again).

But, as the theater world gets going again, so, too, are the worlds of journalism, academics, and publishing. (Seriously, so many books!) And so, today I bring you a brief round-up of some cool articles I found:

First, a First Folio was discovered on a random Scottish island! How amazingly cool is that?! Well, we’ll just add that to the innumerable list of reasons I want go to do Scotland someday. It’s like Bill is reminding the world of his awesomeness. Now if he could just get going with maybe letting us discover Cardenio, possibly written in his own hand…

Second, a look at the pioneering women who DARED to play Shakespeare’s leading ladies on the stage. Obviously, this is dealing with the Restoration, but, remember, there was a time that these women were changing the world just by daring to speak, “Romeo, Romeo…” and “Here’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance…” before an audience!

Here’s an interesting look at the intrinsic American-ness of the Bard! Yeah. He belongs to us Yanks, too! And it’s a damned interesting article, to boot.

And last, but certainly not least, a reminder of just how big an influence Shakespeare has had on our language. In case you didn’t know, it’s a damned big one!

OK… there’s tons more interesting Shakespeare news out there (I totally set up a Google alert…), but I thought I’d leave some of it for you intrepid Shakespeare fans to discover for yourselves! That and… these were totally the coolest ones! (Unless we didn’t cover the bit about how Shakespeare’s skull was totally stolen from his grave, in which case… his skull was totally stolen. Presumably, Bill is playing Yorick somewhere.) Anyway, that’s it for me today…

We’ll be back tomorrow for something truly silly!



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