Boozy Books: The Screwtape Letters

Happy Friday, everybody! I hope you had a wonderful week and are prepared for your weekly dose of Boozy Books! By the time I finish writing this post it may already be Saturday, but you can read and drink to your heart’s content this coming weekend.

Today, I have chosen a book that fascinated me when I read it in high school, and continues to stick out in my mind as a fascinating exploration of human morality. I am speaking of C.S. Lewis’s epistolary novel, The Screwtape Letters. As far as Lewis’s well-known works go, this is by far my favorite; Narnia is all well and good, but once my teachers started expounding upon the massive through-line of religious symbolism that it actually represents, the magic was tarnished. WHY CAN’T ASLAN JUST BE A TALKING LION? That’s all I want in life. Talking lions. Is that so much to ask?? Dammit C.S. Lewis, you had a perfectly interesting fantasy world and then you decided the talking lion was Jesus. Yeah, okay…

Sorry. Back on track! Anyway… The Screwtape Letters. Written entirely as a series of letters from Screwtape (a senior demon in hell’s hierarchy) to Wormwood (his nephew, a junior tempter), this novel explores theological issues and human morals in relation to such. Wormwood is working on tempting his first mortal; an arduous, daunting task which Screwtape mentors him through. Undermining morality, promoting sin, and revealing religion’s failings, Screwtape observes humanity as a scientist observes lab rats and, fittingly, refers to Wormwood’s assigned mortal as “the Patient”.

Definitely pairing this with a busty, bright red. Go for a full-bodied Merlot; lusty and rich, deep and earthy. It fits Screwtape’s wealth of knowledge and, of course, represents the temptation of Wormwood’s “Patient”. Also, I can just picture Screwtape sipping and swirling a glass of red, peering over his spectacles as he writes. It suits him.

So get out there and read and drink and enjoy your weekend! Cheers!



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