Monday Muse: Why I Missed Saturday

Good evening, readers! It’s been quite a long, exhausting day and it’s part of the reason I missed Saturday’s post (apologies!). This afternoon I auditioned for Orlando Shakespeare Theatre so I was actually spending Shakespeare Saturday memorizing Shakespeare. That would have made a good post actually. The process of memorizing the Bard’s work. I- I guess- I just forgot to share… Also, I literally did not know what day of the week it was. (Side note: actor schedules don’t follow the normal person’s weekday and quite often we don’t really know what day it is, only whether we have a matinee or an evening show… Actually matinee-only days are usually the “get back on track” days since they only occur twice a week. So yeah… My Sunday matinee clued me in to the fact that I had utterly forgotten Shakespeare Saturday…)

Anywaaaay, I spent whatever free time I had this past weekend working on my monologue for OST and basically shirked all my other adult duties (haha duties…). I nailed the audition today. Completely killed it. And you know what?! I got a callback… For West Side Story. HUH?

Yeah, I know: what do you mean you auditioned for a Shakespeare Company, nailed it, and got called back for a musical (albeit a musical based on Romeo and Juliet, but STILL)??? Well, apparently they needed to set up WSS callbacks ASAP cause, you know, it’s on Thursday afternoon. I WAS told I might be called back for Love’s Labour’s Lost or Antony and Cleopatra at a later date… so please, dearest readers, cross your fingers and toes and arms, etc. I really, really, really want to do a Shakespeare show. As an actor, bookworm, nerd, English major, and Shakespeare-o-phile this would be an incredible opportunity. So send good vibes and make it happen with your collective internet goodwill! (Back off trolls.)

So maybe today’s Muse isn’t so much of a Muse as a fervent apology/explanation for the lack of a Shakespeare Saturday this week, but in a way I’m covering both topics right now. I’ll even go on to Muse a little on which Shakespearean monologue I chose and why…

I performed Tamora’s monologue from Act II, scene iii of Titus Andronicus. I know what you’re thinking, “Titus Andronicus? Isn’t that the awful, gore-y one? It’s one of the lesser plays! Ugh, amateur…” Yes, yes I know, but hear me out. As much as the play may be brutal and lacking the flowery verse and well-structured examination of the human psyche it does still offer a myriad of characters displaying basic human traits… In this case revenge is the big one. Carried out to the extreme, but nonetheless a study of the human condition. Tamora is a ruthless bitch, don’t get me wrong, but she is also a queen, an empress, a mother, and a woman. Her track throughout the show includes watching one of her children get sacrificed, manipulating the emperor of Rome, and, oh yeah, eating a pie which contains her children. It’s horrific, but her rise to power and her thirst for revenge spur her forward, making her a fantastic character study and a thoroughly appealing example of a strong Shakespearean woman.

The monologue I chose casts her in so many lights… How could I resist? There is anger, fear, manipulation, sarcasm, lust, command, and power within that speech and the levels which she utilizes (to great affect) in the overall manipulation are so deliciously masterful you can’t help but want to speak the words. I poured myself into that woman today, I lived that meeting in the woods. I have never felt more intensely aware of my character in an audition setting. I just hope it didn’t go unnoticed.

So as I said: all your happy, loving, good-thoughts brainwaves are welcome and appreciated.

Happy Monday!



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