Boozy Books: Unholy Night

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you had a successful, kick-ass week. I also hope you’re ready for some drinking and a dark, gritty twist on the Three Wise Men because that’s exactly what I’ve got in store tonight. I’m sure the name Seth Grahame-Smith is not unknown to many of our readers because his books Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (along with their accompanying high-octane, campy films) are pretty well-known. But today I’m shining a spotlight on one of his lesser known retellings, Unholy Night.

This book is insane. That’s literally all I could think while reading it. Grahame-Smith turns the Three Holy Men into murderous, escaped thieves and turns the entire birth of Jesus on its head. Bethlehem will never be the same… Led by the murderer and thief Balthazar, the three “wise men” escape from Herod’s prison and end up having to protect the newborn child of (you guessed it) Mary and Joseph. Overall the twisting of the story is quite well done and engaging, however, I will say that some scenes are hard to read (i.e. torture is not fun).

Given the intensity of this book I think an intense wine is called for. Also, because of all the blood in this book it should be red. Definitely red. I’m getting a very heavy red vibe. Full-bodied. Deep and complex. Honestly, I’d almost say a glass of Port would do well alongside this one, but you won’t be going wrong with a merlot either.

Happy reading and happy drinking!


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