Monday Muse: Happy Coincidences

Happy Monday, readers! Don’t you just love it when things start falling into place? I know I do. Today’s blog is about recognizing that good things have a tendency to happen in clusters. Just as bad things are said to occur in threes I believe good things can go on endlessly as long as you acknowledge them. Find the good stuff and let it propel you forward. Granted, this sounds a little hippy-dippy, but it’s really easy to be grateful for one thing and suddenly find yourself listing a stream of stuff to be happy about. Happiness begets happiness. And happiness, it seems, spurs productivity.

This is the case for me at least. I’ve had a particularly lovely day so far… The first weekend of my show came to a close, allowing me to visit the boyfriend, and this morning the temperature dropped to a beautiful 69 degrees with sunshine, allowing us to take the dog for a comfortable run. This series of events could easily be taken for granted since they’re fairly typical, but after a few stressful weeks it’s become the perfect day. As a result of these and a number of other good things (and the endorphins clearly running rampant in my brain) I’ve been creatively productive.

Two things have happened to lead me to this conclusion. One: A story idea that has been haunting me for weeks has finally taken shape, settling into a pretty solid foundation of characters and plot points. And two: I have finally developed an ending for the short story I started what feels like ages ago. While the body of this short still needs work, I’m now fairly confident that I can get through it in the next few days. I’m calm and happy and my brain is revving its creative motor without a hint of stalling.

As I write this post I’m taking note of every remotely good thing that has happened so far today. I went to the gym  (I know it’s weird, but I truly like going because I feel incredibly accomplished afterwards). Starbucks finally got my London Fog Latte correct (the last three times I ordered it the Earl Grey was replaced with Royal English Breakfast. Still good, but not the same). My boyfriend and I started watching Daredevil season 2 (and so far it’s living up to the first season). I’ve got a bank of ideas that seems to be allowing withdrawals and C is 12 chapters from completing the latest edit of Killing Mercutio. BOOM.

So enjoy the good things, no matter how small, because they may push you in the right direction.



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