Shakespeare Saturday: Shakespeare? Anyone?

Good evening, everybody! Welcome back to Nerd Cactus for Shakespeare Saturday! Well, some of you loyal readers won’t be surprised to learn that I’ve opened another show… This one has been quite an interesting ride and I’m very happy (albeit exhausted) that it is finally up and running. Honestly, two and a half weeks of rehearsal have never felt longer. But I have overcome! The show lives! I sing and dance! My body is very tired…

Anyway, I’m supposed to have a Shakespeare Saturday for you and I will deliver! In the past, opening weekends have been difficult, but I’ve got something up my sleeve. Here, for your reading pleasure, is an article that appeared in The Guardian on how to write like Shakespeare. Because who doesn’t want their writing to last 400 years and be considered the BEST? (Seriously, who?)

Take a look and take note!

How to Write Like William Shakespeare!



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