Shakespeare Saturday: So You Think Your Handwriting Is Bad?

Are you a nerd? Do you like Shakespeare?

Do you wish you could look at documents from Shakespeare’s time ABOUT Shakespeare, or even — gasp — written in his own hand?! (There’s so little, which is sad.)

Do you want to feel better about your atrocious handwriting because, really, who actually writes things by hand anymore? (Lots of us, actually.)

OK. Then you want to go here:

Shakespeare Documented

Seriously… if you’re at all into primary sources or period research, you want to click on that link. It’s part of the 400th death day anniversary for our beloved Bard. They’re only about halfway done with the descriptions now, but they’re adding more each week and almost all the images are already up.

Dammit, guys… why am I too poor to visit England right now? *pouts* Oh well…at least my inner historian can salivate over documents.

Glorious, glorious documents…

I’ll see you on Monday! Maybe. There’s a good chance I’ll be lost forever in the glory of primary sources…


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