Boozy Books: Little Children

Happy Friday everyone! It’s time for Boozy Books so get ready for some good old fashioned reading and drinking!

This week I’ve chosen a book which I read for a college course and absolutely devoured. Little Children by Tom Perrotta surprised me with its fresh, engrossing take on suburban life. It’s mostly the story of two stay-at-home parents in desperate need of adventure while feeling trapped by their marriages, their responsibilities and the raising of their children. It’s funny and poignant as the boring suburban lifestyle opens up to reveal secrets and inspirations that would otherwise be hidden. It contains several character studies, exploring the many facades of maturity.

Todd and Sarah are the main characters in this tale, becoming involved in an affair that seems unlikely at first, but blossoms into a fascinating look into their mentalities. Todd’s wife envies his connection with their toddler and Sarah’s husband doesn’t seem to know their kid at all. The clear distances in these relationships set up Todd and Sarah to end up seeking solace in each others embrace. The whirlwind of their elicit affair seems to have the power of a natural disaster, finding a similar end.

I’m pairing this one with a Malbec. I think a deep, bold, lusty red is absolutely perfect for this book because of the many layers of intimacy depicted along with humanity’s flaws. A sexy, complex red is the perfect complement to this interesting, fast-paced read.

See you tomorrow for some Shakespeare!




PS apparently a movie was made that is based on this book. While I haven’t seen it I highly recommend READING it. The writing is intense and powerful and, based on reviews, I have a feeling the movie doesn’t capture that…






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