Monday Muse: Write Something. Write Anything

Hello, friends! Welcome back to Nerd Cactus for yet another Monday Muse. Today is my first day off in a week, so forgive me if my writing betrays how fried my brain is. 

Last night I began thinking about what today’s topic might be and I have yet to settle on a fully developed topic. I considered writing about the sins of half-assery when it comes to exploring your creativity, but the danger of half-assing an entire post on the subject was too great given my current level of rehearsal fatigue. What about writing a piece on the appearance of the James Patterson Masterclass ads that keep popping up unsolicited? “Do you have a novel inside you?” It’s getting a little silly… At around 2:30am I considered writing about the pros and cons of floating around half-baked ideas to friends whose advice may or not be of any help. I currently have several such concepts, but given that they are merely ghosts of ideas it isn’t really an applicable topic yet. Also, whether to share story possibilities before having a clear picture is a matter of preference and not really worthy of a post.

So, no, I did not start this post with a clearly defined topic, but at least I’m writing. C has said it before and I’ll say it again, “always be writing”. Write to-do lists, write things you overheard your boss say, write love letters. Even if it’s just some gibberish to practice your grammar. Hell, I barely understand the concept of a comma. Well, I do… but I often write faster than the natural pauses in sentences tend to happen (i.e. I tend to write according to an inner monologue that has no sense of how sentence structure works). Also, my mom is German and those people sure love their long, run-on sentences. Go ahead. Check my comma placements. I know it’s bad. C knows it’s bad. C probably knows better than anyone. That’s why she’s getting a “Comma Police” T-Shirt for Christmas.

Now, I’ll admit that I don’t do as good a job following that advice as I’d like to… Sitting down to my computer and setting aside time for words is often easier said than done. But I do have a full-to-the-bursting OneNote that speaks to my resolution to put down my thoughts instead of letting them float away like so many strands of freshly brushed hair (Yes, I’m a shedder). Anyway, just remember that if you are busy or tired or feeling super meh, you are not alone. Maybe scheduled writing doesn’t work for you and a notepad is your solution. Doesn’t matter. Just write whatever comes to you whenever you have a scrap of paper and a pen. Hell, write with lipliner if something compelling comes to you.

The point is, you don’t always have to be writing the next New York Times Bestseller. Don’t hold yourself up to crazy standards and don’t impose criticism on everything you set down. It doesn’t all have to see the light of day. It’s ok if you write a shitty haiku about Zac Efron’s body just don’t admit it was you… (PS this is actually a real thing



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