Silly Sunday: Seasonal Silliness

Greetings! Ciao! Aloha! Salve! Merhaba! Other words meaning hello, welcome, and/or yo! (I’m on coffee right now…forgive me, dear readers. Also, that reminds me…my streak on Duo Lingo is…well, let’s just say there is no streak. I’ve been packing for my move and, well, Italian has gone by the wayside. But I shan’t give up! I SHAN’T!)

Anyway…today is our day of silly. Sunday funday and whatnot. Now, lately…I haven’t been silly so much as fun, interesting and/or wickedly awesome. And for that, I truly apologize. Well, no…I don’t. But I feel like I should deliver something truly silly to make up for bending the theme so often.

And, believe me…this is truly silly. Truly, desperately, giggle-inducingly (so many adverbs! Bad, bad adverbs!) silly.

I present to you…

Benedict Cumberbunnies!

Oh, yes. Now you too can eat *insert favorite Benedict Cumberbatch character here* made out of chocolate on Zombie Jesus Day. I truly believe this is what Josh* would have wanted. I really, really do.

Anyway, that’s it from me. Tomorrow A gets her Muse on!


*There’s no way Jesus name was actually Jesus. He wasn’t Greek. So it was likely Yeshua, or Joshua. While we’re at it, you should really read Lamb, which is a really, really funny book.


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