Shakespeare Saturday: Shakespearean Jazz Show

Guys! It’s Saturday! Guys, guys! It’s time for Shakespeare! Guys, guys, guys! You know how we at Nerd Cactus are always talking about how relevant and exciting Shakespeare is, even after 400 years? Well, I’ve got more proof that putting a modern spin on the Bard can be incredibly engaging.

May I introduce you, dear reader, to The Shakespearean Jazz Show. This ensemble, which sets Shakespeare’s works to original New Orleans-style jazz, is a brilliant representation of how Shakespeare can be reimagined. Made up of “The Nine Worthies” band (inspired by Love’s Labour’s Lost), and an ensemble of singers and shadow puppeteers, this show is stylish, artful and fresh. And super entertaining.

Check out their website and be sure to listen to the NPR interview linked on the home page. It’s such a cool concept; and flawlessly executed as far as I’m concerned. I’m fascinated by their take on the fact that Shakespeare’s words lend themselves so easily to jazz. And after listening to it, I completely agree. They’ve got some wonderful arrangements and I’ll be paying attention to whether they’re playing anywhere near me. I’m obsessed.

Also, you can buy the album! (Or preview songs from said album). I’ll be buying it. “Wit Peddler” is particularly awesome.

Enjoy, friends!



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