Boozy Books: Tamora Pierce Mania!

Hello out there, internet friends!!! I’ve been deep in thought about what nostalgic book to pick for this last Boozy Book of February… I read a lot of books in my youth so narrowing down the list of favorites is pretty difficult. BUT! I devised a way to pick tonight’s (late) entry by considering which books I returned to for several readings.

On top of that list is probably any of Tamora Pierce’s Immortals series or The Lioness Quartet. If you don’t know what these are… Shame. Pierce’s books are arguably the greatest influence on my love of the fantasy genre. She’s written several other sets of books though I never got into them as I’d already graduated into higher reading by the time they were released. Nevertheless, they are worth revisiting for their attention to detail and faithful adherence to Pierce’s created universe.

Featuring strong female leads, these two particular series’ inspired me and transported me all at once. I won’t go into synopses tonight because I’m already tardy in delivering my post, but a quick internet search will garner results such as 4.5 stars on Goodreads and discussions about the vast scape of Pierce’s Tortall. And at this age they are very quick reads, offering a great story (admittedly young adult) and a fantastic world.

A pinot noir goes well with these books, because it starts easy, but lingers in the tongue a little heavier than you anticipated at first taste. This is a perfect analogy for these YA gems… They may seem light and fluffy, but there’s some substance to them and you’ll find yourself unable to forget the characters Pierce has brought to life.

Again, sorry about being late, but C and I were out for an evening of drinking and fried Mac and cheese. So… That’s a valid excuse.

Join us tomorrow for Shakespeare!



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