Silly Sunday: A Bit o’ Grammar Humor

Heyo! Welcome back, readers! It’s me, again. C. Of course, it’s supposed to be me today, so that’s hardly surprising. But, yes…hi! I’m back! And it’s time for something silly!

Or at least giggle-inducing.

Apparently, the author in this picture is the child of Ayn Rand and God. Just goes to show you how important a comma can be.

Long Live the Oxford Comma!!!



I saw this and blinked at it for several moments before bursting out laughing. This was not appreciated by the people at Starbucks, and I got some weird looks. But it was worth it.

I wonder how Merle Haggard feels about having being married to Kris Kristofferson and Robert Duvall. I wonder how Robert Duvall and Kris Kristofferson feel about being ex-wives.

Not to mention I never knew Nelson Mandela was a collector of faux penises. (Penii?) I guess you need a hobby when you’re an 800-year-old demigod.

Just remember, folks…don’t turn Stalin into a stripper. (That makes a lot more sense if you know the example my teacher used to teach me the importance of the Oxford Comma. It dealt with picking up the strippers, Stalin, and Bush vs picking up the strippers, Stalin and Bush. Bush 2. W. Picture it.


OK. That’s it for me today. A will definitely be back tomorrow with the Muse.



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