Shakespeare Saturday: Don’t Say We’re Too Stupid for Shakespeare!


You thought it’d be A today, didn’t you? Alas, no…you got C, again! A got caught up in the details of life, and I don’t have a life, so I’m doing her a favor and handling Shakespeare Saturday.

It’s actually a good thing because my friend (also A, but a different A. A the honorary Cactus A) shared an article with me after noticing my ramble on Alexander Hamilton on Monday. See, unlike you HURTFUL PEOPLE, she reads my history blogs no matter how word vomity they become. Because she loves me.

(Note: It has been brought to my attention that, because of an unfortunate lack of sarcasm fonts, some of my jokes might not translate onto the screen. I am not upset at the lack of shared enthusiasm vis a vis Alexander Hamilton. I love all of you and am glad you tolerate my occasional explosions of history love.)

But, seriously…please read this article if you haven’t already. It combines Hamilton and Shakespeare and rhetoric (oh my!), explaining why it is that modern audiences’ ability to understand and appreciate Hamilton is proof positive the English language isn’t dying and people are perfectly capable of understanding Shakespeare even unto today. The issue isn’t our understanding, it’s just a matter of being able to connect with the language and train our minds to listen at a different rhythm. But, seriously…the article is amazing. Language lovers of Nerd Cactus: READ THIS ARTICLE.


(That didn’t translate to the Alice and Wonderland reference playing in my head right now, did it?)

I really think you’ll enjoy it. Any article that compares Hamilton to Shakespeare is a good article, indeed, especially when it combats the stupid belief that we’re not sophisticated enough for Shakespeare. (I mean, seriously…do you know how many dick jokes there are in Shakespeare? SO MANY DICK JOKES!)

Thanks for bearing with me. Unfortunately, you’ll have to do it again tomorrow. Luckily, it’s something silly. I do love me some silly.



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