Shakespeare Saturday: An Introduction

Greetings and salutations my fine, Nerd Cactus friends! Yes…I love that phrase. It’s fun. That’s how I speak.

There’s a reason A gets to handle the edits on dialogue. Apparently, my characters all speak like they’re in a Dickens novel, or something. And also apparently, this means *I* have a tendency to speak as though I were a Dickens character.

With more contractions and cursing, of course, but you get the picture.

It’s been almost a year of Nerd Cactus fun. And, really, my brain is melting from inside its head right now…

I’d show you the evidence, but I think it might gross you out.

You see…A and I don’t just write together. We have our own projects. I hesitate to say I’m more into writing than she is–I’m not–but I don’t have theater like she does. She likes to say she gets jittery if it’s been too long since she did a show, and I definitely believe her. That’s because I, too, get jittery if I go too long without working on something. When we finished the draft of Killing Mercutio, I gave myself a couple days to celebrate and immediately went into edits. When we finished the first round of edits, I gave myself a couple days rest and went into more edits. I’m still doing that.

But I’ve also been creating. Even during edits–especially during edits–I needed to create something. I *needed* to. I was getting jittery, the way A does between shows.

(I’m still explaining why my brain is mush, guys. I do have a place I want to get to with this, but it’ll take some moments.)

I’m working on a story right now that I swore would be pretty easy. It’s a romance…those are easy enough. No multiple book stories or creating whole worlds from scratch…

Oh, wait. I have to figure out how to make the ENTIRE PREMISE of this novel work. And, in the case of this particular story, what does that mean? Theoretical Physics! An entire conversation with my extraordinarily intelligent other half who, unfortunately for conversation-time, isn’t exactly known for words. Electrical waves became up-y down-ies. That should give you a clue as to how…unscientific my brain is. But, in the end, we figured it out. My story can go on! IT’S ALIVE!

But, as a consequence, my brain is mush. It’s taken me an hour to write this…and that should give you a big clue as to how mushy the brain really is right now. It’s SUPER MUSHY!

So what does that mean for Shakespeare? It means…

Nerd Cactus are proud to present out next project! We finally have a name for it and everything! It’s called Bill and Ben’s Excellent Adventure and it’s a one act play about William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson being frenemies and talking about the importance of theater. It sounds boring, but considering Shakespeare is SUPER into Michael Bay now and wants to add machine guns to Hamlet because of Scarface…yeah. It’s fun. And he thinks Jonson is a Karen, which is NOT COOL, Bill! <—That was Ben.

What? You thought writers only had one project going at a time? No way! It took me WEEKS to figure out how to make this novel work, and there was no way I was going to let all that time pass without creating something. So I kinda…nudged at A…incessantly…until she broke down and agreed to move forward with an idea I’d had since Stratford. That idea was ‘Bill and Ben’, and now it’s happening!

Sorry there’s not more here. I’m not…my brain isn’t…

Mush. It’s mush. I am not a scientific person. And math is Satan’s milk tongue.

I wish I was on Silly this week. Silly I could do…


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