Boozy Books: Ella Enchanted

Hello, readers! Happy Friday and welcome back to Nerd Cactus HQ. Since C picked a nostalgia book last week I decided to follow suit. We had a discussion about how certain books molded us as readers, paving the way for our reading patterns and shaping our love of literature. Even though we can now acknowledge that these books don’t exactly hold up, they are still worth revisiting.

One of the books that I still look back on fondly (no matter how adolescent its target audience) is Ella Enchanted. I must stress that the movie is god-awful, so please don’t confuse its absurdly rewritten plot for Gail Carson Levine’s sweeping retelling of Cinderella. I must have read it a dozen times (my copy is held together with tape, and dog-eared to pieces). Of course, I know it’s targeted at ten year olds (I was about eight when I first read it myself) but I can confidently count this as one of the top five books that made me the reader I am today.

Now today’s Boozy Books is not exactly here as a recommendation… I hardly expect our readers to go out and obtain a copy of a middle school level book. This post is more about the nostalgia of old favorites. Everyone has their own Ella Enchanted… this post is more about encouraging our readers to think about which books have impacted them most.

Of course, if you are interested in reading Ella Enchanted… As I mentioned, it is a re-imagining of the classic story of Cinderella. Ella of Frey is given the “gift of obedience” at birth and is forced to do whatever she is commanded. As Ella grows up it is a nuisance, but only becomes a real problem when her stepmother and stepsisters take advantage of it after her father’s death. She spends much of the story trying to get her godmother to remove the spell and fights against her inability to make her own choices. Oh, yeah, she also meets her Prince charming! Anyway, it’s a fantastical fable complete with fairies and giants and ogres and a magical book…

As far as a pairing goes, a nice chilled glass of Pinot Grigio goes nicely with this one. Something light and easy to sip that won’t cloud my enjoyment, and may help warm my old memories. A nice, easy adult beverage to go with an easy read from my childhood!




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