Monday Muse: This or That

Hello, readers! It’s that time again… The ol’ head-scratcher: The Monday Muse. I say “head-scratcher” because every Monday I’m expected to muse leaves me puzzled over what to write. Of course, this sort of scrambling and puzzling isn’t limited to the weekly Muse; it happens any time C and I get to thinking up new ideas.

Whether we’re working on a project together or separately, we constantly have to sort through each idea and how it impacts the story. Would it be better for our independent pioneer woman to have a father who was a blacksmith or a wainwright? What useful skills would she have picked up? Which story becomes more interesting? Should our hapless fish-out-of-water dad discover his daughter’s infested teddy bear or do we let the kid discover it? How does the story change? Where does the focus go?

These are important questions. These are the steps that should be taken on the path to a great story. As in physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! And when it comes to writing we’ve got a billion options… Our imaginations are limitless, after all.

BUT (and this is important) don’t overthink it either. Narrow down your options to start and work your way through the arc you’re trying to create. If no single option jumps out as the solution, let it settle. Don’t stress. Just enjoy the process. Let it come. The story will unfold if you are patient with it. And in the meantime, think up some other conflicting ideas!

See you on Friday for Boozy Books!



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