Silly Sunday: Something AWESOME This Way Comes

Hey, guys! ‘Tis I, C! Welcome to Silly Sunday.

This will be short. I know I lose some Nerd Points because of it, but I do genuinely enjoy football, so I’m currently watching the Super Bowl. Mostly, I’m just praying Peyton Manning gets out of this thing alive. For an athlete, man is ANCIENT! Anyway…pulled pork is calling my name, so let’s do this.

Today is NOT silly. I repeat: TODAY IS NOT SILLY! I know, I know…today is supposed to be silly. But it really is the only day of the week I feel like it might be appropriate to share this. It’s not really a Muse, nor is it Shakespeare or a book…

But it is NOT silly. In fact, it is hellaciously awesome!

Get this: Central Africa’s First Gaming Studio (!) is Creating Games (!) BASED ON AFRICAN MYTHS AND CULTURE! Like, seriously! How amazing is that? I remember growing up reading all about Anansi, and the Zulus; in fact, I still have one of the books I used to read ALL THE TIME. Well, my mom has it in her classroom, but it is within reach. Anyway, here’s the link. You should check it out!

Central Africa’s 1st Gaming Studio is Creating Games that Embody African Myths and Culture

OK. Back to the game. And my pork.

We’ll be back tomorrow with the Muse!


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