Silly Sunday: That’ll Do (Legless) Pig… That’ll Do

Hey, everybody! Welcome to this week’s edition of Silly Sunday! It’s been a helluva silly weekend for me, personally… I had four shows, attended an art show, got insanely hyper under the influence of chocolate ganache cupcakes, ate a delicious burrito at a roadside restaurant that used to be a garage(?), and watched Grease Live (and enjoyed the crap out of it, I might add. Talk about production value! That live audience shot the energy through the rooooof and THE GUEST STARS. I mean… Way to step it up FOX. You actually made Grease entertaining! But I digress…).

So anyway, silliness. Yes, it is a thing that was promised to you and I shall deliver! I’d like to bring to your attention a pig with no hind legs. He has a back leg wheelchair contraption. His name is Chris P. Bacon. He is adorable. And funny. But, more than that, this clip of a news anchor completely losing it while reporting on him is hysterical. Give it a watch.


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