Shakespeare Saturday: Yon Dread Cthulhu

Greetings, Internetlandia! It is I, C, back for another round of Nerd Cactusery…? OK, no. Let’s forget that ever happened, shall we? I’m on literally no sleep minus a 2-hour nap I just rose from the deep to shake off. When the blog calls, sleep can wait!

Speaking of rising from the deep…

No. No. I will not continue that sentence. No.

Listen. I love Shakespeare. I think we’ve all discussed that. I am also a fan–albeit less of one–of H.P. Lovecraft, the man literally shaped by the gods to write dark, twisted Sci-Fi. I mean, seriously…some people are clearly born to write dark stuff.

Edgar Allan Poe

H.P. Lovecraft

Dr. Seuss.

What? I’m convinced there’s something sinister in Whotown. A Whotown Whodunnit would be Whotastic! It could be solved by the Doctor! Who? No. No, no, no. I did it again. Ladies and gentlemen, DO NOT SKIP SLEEP. I had reasons which made it necessary for one day, but I’m beginning to think there is nothing in the world that is worth going without sleep. LOOK WHAT IT DOES TO ME!

Anyway. The lovely lady over at The Scribble Bug sent this my way this morning, and I just about had a meltdown. Seriously…my face nearly melted from excitement. (Or was it the whispers of the Great Old Ones…?) It is…*fanfare* a Kickstarter for an amazing anthology of Shakespeare-meets-Lovecraft stories! And…*double fanfare*…it’s already met it’s goal.

Face-Melting Awesomeness!

Now. Just because it’s met its goal does not mean you shouldn’t go over there RIGHT NOW and pledge some money. WHY?! Because there are always other goals, like awesome art. A book of Hamlet being tortured by Cthulhu (and doesn’t that explain so much) NEEDS PICTURES! (Note: I do not know if there is a story about Hamlet being tortured by Cthulhu. This is just my new explanation for his behavior. Maybe he really was coo-coo for cocoa puffs!) Stuff like this is exactly what we need to be supporting because stuff like this is what archaeologists in the future will use to determine that the human race still had some decency left in it before President Trump nukes the world at Cthulhu’s behest in this day and age. Do we wanna rock?! Yes. We. Do.

So, go forth Nerds of Internetlandia! DO YOUR DUTY!


ps- A will be back tomorrow with something silly. How she’s going to top this doozy, I do not know.


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