Monday Muse: Editing

Hello, blog world! A, here. It’s been a rather long day of productivity (despite the brutal six day rehearsal week I just endured, and it being my only day off) so let’s keep at it with a good ol’ fashioned Monday Muse.

As you probably know by now, C and I have completed the first draft of our manuscript. It’s a beautifully bound bundle of joy, coming in at 150 pages (double sided) and approximately 150,000 words. We are very, very, very proud and, as all proud parents do, we are proceeding to rip our baby down so that it can be the best version of itself it possibly can be… Ok, maybe that’s not exactly how parenting works, but, in our case, we’re 50,000 words over the typical length of a first-time author’s allotted word count. That’s a lot of words. And I happen to be attached to every single one.

C worried that upon my approach to our deadline, I would go crazy trying to get out those last few chapters. In retrospect, that was nothing. Editing, however, is the stuff of my nightmares. Let me be very clear, C is the seasoned writer of our little duo. I’m a well-rounded artistic type, but I’ve never completed something of this scale. Let alone had to turn around and slaughter it. Oh sure, I’ve penned a short story or poem, and I write a mean research paper, but I’ll be damned if I’ve ever gone back, looked at a perfectly nice sentence and sentenced it to death.

The dreaded red pen was once the tool of overzealous AP teachers and college professors. What the hell am I doing with one?? How can I possibly tackle this without bias? Without wincing with every pen stroke? Without crying? (Ok, there haven’t been any uncontrollable tears yet, but it’s probably because I’m not cutting enough material.) Every word is important in my eyes. Every nuance, further enhancing the characters and settings we worked so hard to create. It’s just… So very disheartening.

I am literally finding other important shit to do in order to avoid editing… Remember when I said I had a productive day? Yeah, it was absurdly productive. I’m not procrastinating (I’d feel guilty doing something as overt as procrastinating) so I’m actually accomplishing all the random stuff I’ve lately set aside. And, truth be told, once this blog post is finished I’ve got no other obligations to save me. When I hit that upload button I will have no choice but to pick up my scary red pen and my beautiful first copy of Killing Mercutio, and make it bleed red ink.

So, yes, you’ve probably noticed this post is somewhat longer than what I typically pen. Also, somewhat rant-ier… At least I’m honest about it, right? But, yes, you’re right, that’s no excuse, and it’s time to do the dirty work. The dirty, miserable, wretched, depressing work…

So here I go.

I’m going.

It’s happening.

Right now.


Oh, for the love of cheese, someone just push the upload button for me!

Ok, ok I’m going. But, in all seriousness, if any of our reader/writer friends out there have any advice on overcoming the fear of editing, (or editing itself, for that matter) I’m all ears.

*heavy sigh*

I’m really going to go do this now.


See you on Friday for Boozy Books!



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